Differently Fortunate

I built this one a few weeks ago and forgot to upload it. Having great fun with Trapcode Form, another great piece of code from Red Giant.

Fun with the Uber Tracer.

Torus Poly Reduction Exercise - Following along with another Greyscale Gorilla tutorial, but using a torus as the base geometry. It seems the more ploys you have the more erratic the animation as the poly reduction takes place, which seems pretty logical after the fact. The logo animation at the end is another of many GG Transform approaches. I’ll be using these for a while to wrap my head around the possibilities of this wonderful tool.

A pretty simple animation, aimed at refining my timing a bit and as a mechanism on which to do some sound design.

The first multi cam animation, and the first with sound design. I’m looking forward to refining both of these aspects.

More fun with physics. 

I’ve been having a great deal of fun with physics, lately. At this moment there are 4 other animations either rendering or queued up and ready. I woke up this morning with 2 different scenes in my head, and got one built and the other 80% finished on this morning’s commute.

This one was modeled on the train ride home last night. Rendered overnight. AFX touches over lunch. 

Another nod to greyscalegorilla.com, this C4D render has spheres, dynamics and even the faintest whiff of pinball. Just a quick little something to get the ball rolling. Pun intended.

Collisions are built with a MoGraph of Collider Bodies in Object mode. The trails are built using a Tracer object, which is tracing the path of Null objects generated from an Emitter, modified with Turbulence and negative Attraction. I rotated the emitter (just under the surface of the collider bodies) for the duration of the animation, so the paths didn’t always generate from a single position. I rotated the camera around the generated object (by placing it in a null and rotating that), because I didn’t want the visible object shape (the paths, really) to be affected by the rotating parent.

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